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Bianello Natural Oasis

Between the beautiful hills of Quattro Castella there is an area of protection for the very special flora and fauna of this territory.

This is a LIPU (Italian League for the Protections of Birds species) area, an acronym that points out the great value of the species that live in the territory; LIPU also indicates the institution working for education to nature respect and preservation of the species’ habitat.

In the Oasis you can sight buzzards, owls, 3 different kind of woodpeckers and many other species of birds, plus reptiles and amphibious such as the Triturus Cristatus, the crested newt who looks like a dragon but it is smaller, less frightful and much more real!

In addition to the fauna, the Oasis also hosts 25 different species of rare and precious flowers and 15 beautiful different kinds of wild orchid; into the woods you can also spot some exemplars of Pinus sylvestris, a kind of pine that testifies the tree species of ice age.

We strongly recommend this visit, especially with the help of a guide, for this area guarantees a unique natural experience; bear in mind that the Center for Visits of Bianello LIPU Oasis is opened every weekend of the year.