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Climb Bismantova Rock

Mentioned by Dante in Purgatory, this huge “stone” is a paradise for free climbers.

Pietra di Bismantova, or just “La Pietra” as locals call it, is a massive, anvil-shaped, sandstone block standing in a beautiful environment, isolated amongst the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.

At the rock’s feet is Castelnuovo ne’ Monti, from which you can easily reach Piazzale Dante and start an easy yet highly satisfying hiking trip immersed in nature, aiming to the top.

Whether if you are an expert climber or if you always wanted to try, the Pietra is the perfect natural climbing gym, with different routes and sides for any level of training; just consider that schools and sporting recreation groups take kids up here to make their first climbing experience!

Assisted by an authorized Alpine Guide you will certainly make the best out of this experience, but this area is also considered a fantastic picnic destination, for its top is not hard to reach, it is almost perfectly flat and covered in gentle vegetation, plus the climate in spring and summer is cool but dry and pleasant!