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As a town of medieval origins, former home of powerful lords and birthplace of artists, Correggio is certainly worth a visit.

During Renaissance, the town hosted a small but refined and elegant court under the Da Correggio family rule, rivals of the Este and Visconti families and so powerful as to rule Parma, even only for a short time.

palazzo01_500The elegant Palazzo dei Principi – Da Correggio’s mansion built on a design by Biagio Rossetti – is still today the main city’s monument: coming in through an admirable sculptured portal, we can visit inside the Civic Library and the beautiful art collection with remarkable 15th-18th century works such as the Redentore by Mantegna,the Pietà by “Correggio” and 12 beautiful Flemish tapestries; amongst the rooms, the Sala del Camino is probably the most beautiful one, featuring a refined painted frieze and a large sculptured fireplace.

Just next to the mansion, the beautiful Neoclassic building of the Teatro Asioli – dedicated to Coreggio’s composer – stands in the very place where, in 15-16thcentury, the court of Niccolò Da Correggio hosted many theatrical performances.

The important Basilica of Ss Quirino e Michele is not far from the theatre, following a design attributed to Vignola and hosting a precious ivory reliquary; close by, the Monument to Correggio watches over the square.

The city also celebrates with a museum-research center its most illustrious citizen – Antonio Allegri, known as “Correggio” -, in the place where his house used to stand; at Il Correggio Art Home is also possible to visit the “Experience Room”, for a complete immersion in the painter’s life and art.