Cycle or walk along the Po River  By

Cycle or walk along the Po River

The Po River atmosphere is unique, relaxing and interesting all at the same time.

The best way of experiencing the river charm is probably by bike, just consider that the Po cycle route is part of the itinerary that runs from Cadiz to Athens (Eurovelo 8)!

Bike riding gives you the opportunity of experiencing “at ease” life in the river’s town in Reggio Province, each of them with some special features and reasons to visit: from Brescello, symbol of rural life in Guareschi books, you can cycle up to Boretto, leaving for an interesting Po river excursion or just getting on the motor vessel for a quick ride, hopping off in Guastalla, where the cultural traces of Gonzaga domination – at the time when the town was a small Renaissance capital – are still well visible; from Guastalla to Luzzara a new cycle lane takes you to Zavattini and Naïf art’s town, relaxing in the quiet country atmosphere.

Nature, sport and good food is what awaits you in this land, and distances are so short that you might choose to allow yourself a nice walk on this path, stopping by in each town to fully appreciate life by the river Po.