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From the Apennines to the low land, this area is a melting-pot of talent, a microcosm of sound.

This land has given birth to unforgettable band leader such as Augusto Daolio – voice of the Nomadi, a socially committed band that people also called “Messangers of Peace” – and Giovanni Lindo Ferretti – leader of CCCP then PGR, one of the most important punk bands of all time in Italy; worldly famous singer-songwriters such as Luciano Ligabue, Zucchero “Sugar” Fornaciari were born in the Province, as well as prodigious classical music’s talents such as the founder of Quartetto Italiano and the flautist Andrea Griminelli.

Quartetto Italiano was a worldwide famous chamber music quartet founded in Reggio Emilia by Paolo Borciani in 1945.

They debuted in Carpi, playing Debussy, Stravinskij and Beethonven, astonishing the public for being so young (barely in their 20s!) and so good; in those years, Italy needed to be reconstructed, and Quartetto Italiano represented the strength of young people in the post war period, trying to do their part by creating art.

From this point on, they had an extraordinary career, playing in every most important concert halls, theatres and music institutions, and becoming famous for their accurate performances, perfect harmony and incredible technical skills.

Their success was so great that when Voyager 2 was to be launched into space with recordings of music and images from the planet Heart, Quartetto Italiano’s “Cavatina” from op. 130 by Beethoven was included!

In Reggio Emilia, No. 32 in Corso Garibaldi, a plaque recall the day and place where the quartet was founded.

ligaLuciano Ligabue was born in Correggio and has become probably the greatest Italian rock star, together with Vasco Rossi.

With his unmistakable voice, electric guitar pointed skywards and boots, he really has the charisma needed to be called the “Italian Elvis”; and indeed “Buon Compleanno Elvis” (“Happy Birthday, Elvis”) was the success that let he take off for an incredible bright future.

Known to the public just as “il Liga”, he also is a writer and film director, proving to be good at it with the movie “Radiofreccia”, a cross section of provincial music and private radio’s experiences in the 70s.

Nevertheless his music career is the most important one, leading to great success such as the “Reggio Emilia Campovolo Concert” performance in 2005 that even deserved an article on Wikipedia and attracted 180.000 people.