Sarzano  By


Amongst the cultivated valleys and the wooded hills of Casina, the castle of Sarzano stands evoking the time when it was one of the linchpins of the Canossa defense system, guarding the passage between Tuscany and the Po Valley.

The castle’s first trace in history is in 958 A.D., when Matilda great-grandfather purchased it, but the present appearance is due to a XIV century reconstruction by the Fogliani family and to further restorations.

Until a few years ago an inscription and a coat of arms remembered the restoration of the castle in 1698 by Paolo Carandini and Francesca Graziani, marquises of Sarzano; most people may not be aware that they are the ancestors of Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, who visited the castle and was granted honorary citizen of Casina!

At the feet of the castle, the town of Casina hosts the “Ars Canusina” committee, an institution that protects the name and quality of the artistic craft peculiar to Matilda’s land which you can buy in Casina artisan’s shop.